💗 Baby Raby – Cotton Love ☁️

In March, in the light blue sky, a few white clouds are floating, as if the mood of nature is getting better.

After a long cold winter, we finally met…

All the things are so dreamy, feeling our own soft breath and fluttering heartbeat.

Can’t help being happy and knowing how to cherish, like the first day of our meeting.

All of a sudden the romance come, with the eyes shining with stars, quietly looking at each other.

“Only love can give us courage and hope. “
White Valentine’s day in 2020,
“Even if there are no flowers, no blessings, no diamond rings,
But you have me today. “

【💗 Baby Raby – Cotton Love â˜ï¸ Lottery Start !】

Limited 60 pieces in total ( WeChat Group lottery 30 pieces / email lottery 30 pieces)
Size: 8.5 cm
Material : Pu Resin
Price: 84 usd
Shipping: part of the place can choose to pay when the item arrives – otherwise : shipping fee Asia area 18 usd /
Further places 25 usd


If you would like to attend email lottery please send mail to – yoyoyeungstudio0528@gmail.com – before 23:59:59 on 10th March 2020.

Mail content ðŸ‘‡

Title: Lottery Baby Raby Cotton Love

Following info:
1. Name
2. Telephone
3. Shipping address + postcode
4. Country
5. Please provide your IG, FB, Weibo, Twitter or personal website or ID account.

⚠️please do not provide same account or address again, otherwise will cancel the lottery chance.

Only winners will be notified on 13th March 2020.

YoyoYeungStudio has the right the change any rules.







【💗 Baby Raby – 小粉棉 â˜ï¸ æŠ½é¸æ´»å‹•ã€‘
數量:60限定(30微信群抽選/ 30郵件抽選)
尺寸: 8.5 cm
材質:Pu Resin
運費:部分地區可選擇到付- 未能選擇到付之地區運費如下:亞洲區18美元,歐美地區25美元

想購買的人即日起至2020年3月10日23:59:59前寄 Mail 至 yoyoyeungstudio0528@gmail.com郵件內容如下👇

標題:抽選Baby Raby小棉雲配色內文資料如下:
5.請提供 IG FB 微博 推特的個人網址或帳號ID 請擇一提供

抽選結果將於 2020/03/13 當天 e-mail 通知中選者,未中選者不另行通知。
Yoyo Yeung studio 保有最終販售及修改之權利。