Illustrator and Designer graduated from UAL- Camberwell College of Arts, BA illustration, 2017.

Yoyo's work was inspired by a trip to the Natural History Museum in London, which revealed to her the sheer volume and variety of species that roam our planet. She wants to celebrate these creatures, imagining them all with their own societies and characters, living in a way that is both familiar and different to us.

Flowing between the loose and free medium of watercolours and the extreme detail it is possible to obtain using pencil and pens.

Yoyo Yeung,2017年7月畢業於倫敦藝術大學的坎伯韋爾藝術學院( Camberwell College of Arts)插畫專業。

Yoyo 的作品總是以動物為主角,因為她總覺得在一個和平共處的世界裏,動物應該有他們壹個獨特的世界。從她的作品中,我們總能感到壹份令人感動的動物靈性,他們可以是有著獨立靈魂的外星生物,或是我們內心深處的純真模樣。

Yoyo Yeung Studio 的理念就是以個人工作室的模式,堅持自己的藝術創作與追求,嘗試更多的突破與合作,與大家壹起探索一個未知的藝術世界。

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