Kenneth in thoughts ❄️ Snow fox ✨ Hand-painted 10 off

In the hot summer, what people are looking forward to most is the cool feeling. 【Kenneth in thoughts】 - SNOW FOX 10off artist hand-painted version, ice and blue virtual smart beauty, really make people feel cool .
Quantity: 10 off
Size: 9.5 CM
Material: PU resin
Price: 265usd
炎炎夏日,最让人期待的就是冰爽的感觉吧,「沉思中的Kenneth」新配色冰雪幻狐 10off 的手作款,冰蓝虚幻的灵动美感,真的让人看到都有清凉的感受。
【 Kenneth in thoughts❄️冰雪幻狐✨ 手繪10-off  】
數量:10 off
尺寸: 9.5 cm
材質:Pu Resin
售價:265 美元

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